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Drywall Repair & Drywall Patchwork

Drywall Repair & Drywall Patchwork

Virginia Professional Paint | Drywall Repair ServicesHas your home been recently visited by a plumber or electrician? Did they have to cut holes in your drywall? Are you staring at hole in your wall or ceiling? Following the repairs, these areas will require drywall patchwork and texture. At VA Pro Painting, our goal is to not only cover the hole, but to have your wall or ceiling look like it was never damaged. If you have a lot of holes, it is more efficient to cut out one big area instead of patching many small areas.

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At VA Pro Painting, we always strive to find the most cost effective method without sacrificing quality. Once we repair the drywall patchwork, we can quickly match the paint to the rest of the wall. With all of our drywall repair jobs, all work areas will be bagged off with plastic. The walls and furniture will be completely covered with plastic. We take pride in ensuring that your home is handled with care.

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